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I like music festivals. And when you’re in the sea of humanity at one in Coachella, Austin, San FranciscoChicagoLos Angeles or any of the other 143 U.S. festivals, it seems the rest of humanity adores them too.  So it’s interesting to think of the festival experience from a pure statistical point of view. This, from Nielsen*, the ratings people:

  • Approximately 32 million people attended at least one music festival in the U.S. last year
  • Nearly half (46%) are ages 18-34
  • A third of festival fans attend more than one festival in a year

Like any human venture, festivals present us a myriad of peep holes into human nature. One angle I love  – the singular private coves people find in the thunderous ocean of crowds.

Another angle I love? The beach balls bouncing slow-motion above the crowd, but that’s another post.

Music festival season is kicking in. See you there?

*From the Nielsen’s Music 360 survey and report last fall that you can browse here.

by Robert Redfield


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