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Block Party Cocktail

I'm drawn to neighborhood block parties. The kind where a community raises their creative barn to show off – and to be shown – everything they can be. The quintessential New York City neighborhood block party comes to mind. So does the up-and-coming California dreamin' New Noise Block Party in Santa Barbara's Funk Zone.

Jeff Theimer, mastermind of the New Noise Music Festival, asked me for a 30-second teaser video showing off the festival's Block Party. The ingredients were there ... curious children, artisan vendor stalls, dancing crowds, food trucks, warm on-your-face sun ... a vibrant cocktail splashed onto a music backdrop growing through the day from humble local bands to strutting nighttime headline acts.

New Noise Block Party  video

New Noise Block Party video

Special thanks to FMLYBND for their perfect "Far Away" sound track; to Art Fisher, Tom Long and JB Brookman for quality stills; to videographers Victor Rocha, Dylan Cauchon, Tom Judah and to Samy's Camera for their generous filmmaking gear sponsorship. They all made my footage shine.

The next New Noise Block Party is coming again to Santa Barbara October 18!